Why build FounderCrowd?

Why Build FounderCrowd?

We are pleased to announce the launch of the FounderCrowdt social learning platform. It is the first platform of its kind to provide tools and resources to get startups launched and investable. There are no ads, no pushy mentors, no high priced advisors. Just a large collection of step by step tutorials and tools. All of this, combined with a full featured social platform allowing startups to learn from other startups.

Almost all startups need help. When we were providing advisory services, we would meet five to ten startups a day. All were desperate for help. The bad news is that very few are able to pay for the support that they need. We would meet 100 in order to find five that could afford the help they needed.

Advisors often have no choice but to take large stakes as they know the startup is very likely to fail and they are going to be left with nothing. It is a vicious circle. I’ve seen many great ideas fail because there is no equity left when they are actually ready to raise capital.

The good news is that the advice is almost always the same. As such, it can be productised and delivered at scale rather than in one to one coaching sessions. That is what we have done at FounderCrowd. We can now offer the same advice that we used to charge £5000 for and deliver it for free.

I have raised a lot of money over the years. I can promise you that there is far more money available than there are good startups to put the money into. The trick is to understand what the investor needs to confirm before they are able to invest. If we know this and we focus on it properly, then it is straight forward to raise the capital.

This is what FounderCrowd is all about.

We invite you to have a look around and take our overview course called “Become Investable”. It is free, you just need to register on the site. There’s plenty there now and more being added each week.

We are just now starting to build our community and we would be incredibly grateful to have you as a member.

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